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    About Singapore Math

    Welcome to the world of Singapore Math, a results based approach to mathematics education that has gained recognition and admiration worldwide.

    What is Singapore Math?
    Singapore Math, also known as the Singapore Math Method, is an innovative teaching approach developed in the 1980s in Singapore. It emphasizes a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, problem-solving skills, and the use of visual aids to enhance learning.
    Using Manipulatives
    One of the standout features of Singapore Math is its integration of manipulatives – physical objects that students can use to explore mathematical ideas. Manipulatives help bridge the gap between abstract concepts and concrete understanding, making math more tangible and engaging.
    Using Ten Frames and Number Bonds
    Ten frames are a highly effective visual tool used in Singapore math to represent number patterns. Number bonds are a fundamental component of Singapore Math. They emphasize the relationships between numbers and lay a strong foundation for mental math and problem-solving. Number bonds encourage students to see numbers as flexible entities rather than isolated figures.
    Using Bar Models
    Bar models are a visual representation technique that Singapore Math employs to solve word problems. These models simplify complex problems by breaking them down into clear and manageable steps. Bar models promote critical thinking and logical reasoning.

    What is Singapore Math?

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