Teacher Training

    Singapore math Training and Workshops.

    • Former national trainer.
    • Available for training locally in the Beaverton, OR area or nationally.
    • Affordable training.

    Teacher Training and Workshops are customized based on the school’s needs.


    I have a passion for making high quality mathematics accessible to all children. My training is based on my firm belief that all children can learn math. In 2005, I discovered Singapore math while serving on a private school committee to evaluate elementary and middle school math curriculum. I immediately knew that the Singapore math approach was the way to teach math with understanding! I tested it out on struggling middle school math students and it worked with amazing results. The Singapore Math curriculum and methodology filled in foundational gaps as well as greatly improved problem-solving skills. The students’ math confidence soared and so did the test scores.


    My years of experience as a local and national trainer of Singapore math has provided me with extensive knowledge of content, scope and sequence and instructional practices. I also have the practical and pedagogical experience to expertly teach others the CPA (Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract) approach unique to SM. Because I’m a teacher myself having taught at the preschool, elementary and middle school levels, I can relate and connect easily with teachers and enjoy working with teachers to help them confidently teach with the Singapore math methods. I have 15 years of SM curriculum experience and expertise in different SM programs including the Primary Mathematics, Standards Edition, and Math in Focus series.


    Morgan Tutors, LLC offers on-site teacher workshops, classroom visits to model lessons and debrief, classroom observations and feedback, and one-on-one instructional coaching. I tailor custom strategies to meet the specific needs of the school. If you’re struggling with a new math program, I’ve worked with many schools to guide them through the transition with a special emphasis on building the necessary foundation at the lower grade levels to avoid stress at the upper elementary grade levels.

    I’m available for training locally in the Beaverton, OR area or nationally. I strive to keep my rates affordable for all schools. For local schools, I can customize and conduct half day workshops or classroom coaching in any math instruction areas in which training is desired. For schools outside of the local area, I’m happy to travel to your school to provide all needed training. I follow up all on-site training with free email support for all post-training questions. I’m also available for billable Zoom or Facetime conferences.


    My goal is for teachers to leave my training with the confidence and enthusiasm to teach math the Singapore way using the CPA (Concrete => Pictorial => Abstract) method so that their students can attain mastery of math concepts, procedures, and problem-solving strategies.

    My focus is on effective math instruction meaning that children are seeing patterns, mastering strategies and math is making sense. I have years of experience in helping teachers use classroom manipulatives, number bonds, bar models and other tools necessary for effective math instruction. I’ve achieved excellent results when teachers are receptive to learning to teach math with the Singapore approach and can watch me teach with the Singapore math methodology in their classrooms. When teachers see the light bulbs going off for their students, they get excited and motivated to teach math effectively with the appropriate SM visuals and tools.

    I have implemented Singapore math based math fact fluency cards, designed and copyrighted by Morgan Tutors, LLC in many schools with demonstrated results in math fact fluency, the essential elementary math layer upon which all other math competencies are predicated. Children must master their math facts just as they master sight words. Math facts are the grammar of math.

    Singapore Math Classroom Coaching orGrade Level Teacher Training:

    • Specific topics including number sense, math facts, long multiplication, long division, fractions, decimals, and percentages.

    • CPA (concrete to pictorial to abstract) method using manipulatives, number bonds, and bar models to develop a deep mathematical understanding.

    • Solving word problems using manipulatives, number bonds, and bar models.

    • Lesson planning and scope and sequence adjustments.

    • Progression of a topic across grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. For example, multiplication as it progress to long multiplication and multiplication of fractions, decimals, and negative numbers.


    Parent engagement and Singapore math school events.

    • Engaging and articulate with a strong mathematical background and lots of experience using Singapore math.
    • Love of sharing my knowledge with parents and educators.
    • Have taught SM courses including Number Sense and Bar Modeling classes.
    • Work with school administrators to customize events for parent question and answer sessions and develop home support to successfully transition to conceptual math instruction.
    • Can provide overviews of SM highlighting the salient features of SM, demonstrating the use of visuals, and having parents solve problems with number bonds and bar models.

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