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    Teacher Training
    Implementation of Singapore Math
    Using the Math Fact Fluency Program


    • Elementary Math: Basic math foundation, numbers, operations, problem-solving.

    • Middle School Math: Advancing concepts, fractions, decimals, algebra, geometry, data analysis.

    • Problem Solving: Critical thinking, real-world applications, metacognition.

    • Math Fact Fluency: Understanding of whole number operations, use of strategies, automatic fact recall.

    • Bar Model Method: Turning word problems into special pictures so that children can visualize the problem.

    • Number Bonds and Mental Math: Understanding number relationships, mental math strategies.

    • Test Preparation: Exam strategies, content review, practice tests.

    • Singapore Math Curriculum: structured content, mastery-based learning, concrete-pictorial-abstract teaching method.

    • And much more...

    Who am I?


    I am Morgan M Patterson, Owner and Director of Morgan Tutors, LLC a company that has provided teacher training and tutoring for grades K-8 for over 20 years.

    To help children acquire math fact fluency, a very common gap in their math foundation, I developed structured Singapore math based smart flashcards that students use to master the concept of whole number operations, strategies to figure out math facts and the ability to achieve automatic fact recall. The cards are self-teaching with pictorial strategy solutions on the back and are used in-house to catch up students in math fact fluency as soon as possible.

    “ Innumeracy is a huge problem in America with far reaching consequences. Teaching children how to think logically and problem solve is a literacy that’s as important as learning how to read and write. By middle school, we’ve lost most of our math and science kids. Instead, we’re turning out students who don’t have the math and science skills they need to be globally competitive.“

    Morgan M Patterson

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