About Me

    About Morgan M Patterson

    I am the Owner and Director of Morgan Tutors, LLC, a company that has provided teacher training and tutoring for grades K-8 for over 20 years. I’ve had the unique opportunity to use Singapore math in a variety of settings as a:

    • Local and National Trainer
    • Elementary and Middle School Math Teacher
    • Classroom math coach
    • Instructor for Private Individual and Group Math Lessons
    • Elementary Math Intervention Specialist Instructing Struggling Students
    • Summer Camp Instructor Teaching Both Gifted and Struggling Math Students
    • Middle School Head of the Math Department

    Exploring My Story

    Education and Discovery

    A graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with dual degrees in Management Information Systems and Marketing, I spent 8 years as a software developer before discovering my passion for teaching and Singapore mathematics. I obtained a post baccalaureate certification as a grades K-8 math specialist.

    Teaching Philosophy

    I truly enjoy teaching mathematics to young children. Five years of experience as a preschool and kindergarten teacher prepared me for understanding different learning styles and how kids learn and think about their learning. Singapore math, a research and mastery based program, works for all learning styles and aptitudes. I love seeing students transform into confident, capable math students who understand and appreciate math. Having seen the positive results in hundreds of students and teachers who received the right kind of teaching and resources, I know that every student, regardless of their learning style or learning differences, can be literate in math if taught effectively.

    Middle School Empowerment

    As a middle school math teacher, I created a Math Lab that was offered to students daily for assistance with homework, reteaching of concepts, development of mastery in math facts and procedures or help with any other math struggles.

    Innovative Learning Tool

    To help children acquire math fact fluency, a very common gap in their math foundation, I developed structured Singapore math based smart flashcards that students use to master the concept of whole number operations, strategies to figure out math facts and the ability to achieve automatic fact recall. These cards are in use in many schools, including schools serving children with dyslexia and other language processing issues. They have Singapore math based pictorial solutions and were designed to get students fluent in whole number operations and math fact fluency as quickly as possible.

    National Engagement

    I’ve served as local and national speaker and trainer of Singapore math, in both private and public schools, implementing Singapore math to replace the math program or supplement the existing math program.

    Morgan M Patterson

    -Elementary Math Specialist-

    -Singapore Math Instructor and Trainer-

    Innumeracy is a huge problem in America with far reaching consequences. Teaching children how to think logically and problem solve is a literacy that’s as important as learning how to read and write. By middle school, we’ve lost most of our math and science kids. Instead, we’re turning out students who don’t have the math and science skills they need to be globally competitive.